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* 05 July 2011 - shMessenger v3.3.2 was released.

What is shMessenger Mobile?

    ShMessenger Mobile is a free instant messaging client for mobile phones, which supports YMSG (Yahoo!), MSN and GTalk protocols. In just a few minutes, you can chat with your friends on Yahoo!, MSN or GTalk from your mobile phone.

Getting started

    Getting started with using shMessenger is easy. Just create an account and install the application on your phone. The account information is required in the application.

Which version should I install?

    Numeric keypad - for phones with numeric keypads.
    Full keyboard - for phones with full (QWERTY, QWERTZ) keyboards only. This version WILL NOT work properly on phones which only have numeric keypads.
    Motorola OS - keypad - for Motorola phones with numeric keypads, running Motorola OS.
    Sagem - keypad - for Sagem phones with numeric keypads.
    Pocket PC - Windows Mobile - for Pocket PC's running Windows Mobile, with pre-installed Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
    JBlend - Windows Mobile - for phones/PDA's running Windows Mobile which run Java applications in JBlend.

Technical requirements

    The application requires Java MIDP-2.0 / CLDC-1.0 or later to run.     Connecting is possible through either internet or wap. However, the generated traffic when using wap connection is higher. Due to this fact, connecting through wap is only recommended for users who have an unlimited wap traffic plan.

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