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What is Search Engine Optimization?

A few years back, SEO was a new term for us, especially for all the business owners and bloggers who have their websites available on the internet. Because it has become important to follow the rules of SEO if you want to make your website rank high on the search engines. But do you know what exactly SEO is, and why it is so important? At present, every webmaster should know the need of SEO, as it can help them in the long run. Let’s see what SEO is and how it is been defined.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, has many definitions at present. For some, SEO is a kind of process which is helping them to improve and increase their website’s visibility on search engines. Whereas some people call SEO, the set of rules, sitemaps, and instructions, that are used for optimizing any website for different search engines and search results, in order to improve their search engine’s ranking. All these forms of SEO definitions are true, and this is one of the reasons why people are focusing so much on SEO. For those, who know well about the SEO and the guidelines related to it, they are taking their businesses to another level with the help of their website.

SEO is not just a simple process but there is a complete framework behind it. From identifying the right keywords that can help in getting your website the target audience traffic to placing those keywords at the right place, and then helping your website in the ranking, SEO do all of these things.

3 Main Components of SEO

When it comes to important components or important stages of SEO, there are 3 main stages. They are:

  • On-Site SEO – This stage comprises of all the processes, rules, and guidelines, that are necessary for the website. As this helps in making the website or the content available on the website search engine friendly.
  • Technical SEO – It is very important to have the right technical SEO if you want your website to be crawled by the search engines. Also, it helps in indexing your website smoothly, after the crawling process, without any problem.
  • Off-Site SEO – This is related to marketing and promotion of the blog or the website. This helps in increasing the visibility of the website and it also improves the rank of the website in search engine result pages.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

For a better understanding of what Search Engine Optimization is doing, one needs to understand its importance as well. There are a lot of great SEO resources online. For now, let’s look at why SEO is important for websites and businesses.

  • Increases the Traffic – SEO has helped businesses a lot in terms of getting the traffic and the quality users on their website. As when a user searches something on the search engine, they click on the high-ranking websites that are on the first page. So, if your keywords are right and are matching the user’s search query, you will more likely to get the traffic on the website.
  • Increases Credibility – When search engine results page places any website on the top, again and again, this increases the trust in the mind of users. Most of the users prefer to check the websites that are listed on the top or that are on the 1st page of the search engine results page. As they know that these are some of the best websites. If your website will rank higher, it will increase its credibility.
  • Knowing your Customers in a better way – With the help of the keywords and SEO, you can surely get to know more about your customers. By checking which keywords are making your website rank high and which keywords are bringing more traffic to your website, you can know a lot about your customers. Like their interests, demographics, location, decision-making habits, purchase habits, and other such things. This will not just help you in knowing your customers in a better way but will also help you in improving your business and products according to the customer’s requirement.
  • Increases Visibility – There is no difficulty in understanding how SEO can help in increasing your website’s or your business visibility. The higher your website ranks on the search engine result page and with the greater number of keywords your business ranks with, the greater the number of users will visit your website. This will help in bringing potential customers to your website by making your brand visible in front of them.
  • Better form of Marketing – When users search for something related to your industry or business with the help of the keywords, they land into your website with the help of search results. So, if your SEO is placed right, you will get more users, and this will increase the marketing of all the products and services that you have listed on your website. For instance when I searched for a music related site, I found freshone. Also, it is said to be one of the cost-effective ways of marketing, in comparison with the other marketing techniques.